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Summer Lovin'

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  1. Artisan Flip Flop, I Love The Beach Wall Canvas

    This stunning piece of beach inspired artwork can easily become the focal point in any room. Featuring a collage of beach and ocean themed images, with a large flip flop as the main focal point, this canvas will easily hang from your wall and add an eye catching touch of decoration. Canvas arrives rolled and will come with wood slats for hanging purposes.

  2. Canary Yellow Brilliant Peony in Tea Cup with Saucer

    Brighten any room with this canary yellow brilliant peony bouquet. The artificial floral arrangement is displayed inside a ceramic tea cup and coordinating saucer. Carefully crafted from a combination of textiles and plastic, the flowers are incredibly lifelike.

    Place on a table, shelf, bookcase, or mantel to infuse a space with elegant flower power! No need to worry about upkeep, as this floral is hassle-free and will last forever.

  3. Jitterbug Sunflower LED Rechargeable Outdoor Lantern

    Enjoy the outdoors again with this sunflower Jitterbug LED lantern. This innovative product emits both yellow and white light to reduce the attraction of flying bugs while still providing much-needed visibility during long summer nights. Crafted from durable, hard plastic, the versatile light has a loop handle, making it convenient for even the littlest of hands to hold. Its one large bottom button provides a simple way to toggle between the 4 different light settings, which include: 100 lumens of white light, 50 lumens of white light, 25 lumens of flashing white light, and 25 lumens of yellow light.

    When using the yellow LED option, the lantern is less attractive to most flying bugs. It comes with a USB power cord that provides power to the rechargeable battery for up to 18 hours of illumination. An easy-to-remove water-resistant cap covers the USB port. The design's fun rounded bottom gives the lantern a playful bobble aspect while also preventing it from falling over when on a flat surface. Set the adorable Jitterbug on a table, step, or on the ground, or hang it from a branch, hook, shepherd's post, and more. It also comes with 1 AA rechargeable battery.

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4 Item(s)