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Summer Lovin'

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  1. Stay Sweet Insulated Acrylic Fruit Infuser Cup

    Ahh, refreshing! Keep your drink fresh and fruity this spring and summer with our Stay Sweet double-wall acrylic tumbler that features a built-in fruit infuser. Simply put your favorite fruit inside the infuser before filling the cup with water or tea.

    The fun insulated drinkware holds up to 16 ounces of your favorite cold beverage and has a twist-on lid and coordinating straw. For best results, hand wash only. Crafted from BPA-free acrylic.

  2. Self-Wicking Clear Bubble Glass Planter

    This self-wicking bubble planter provides a plant with a steady supply of moisture, so you don't have to worry about remembering to water it. There are three parts to the device: the plastic net pot, where you'll place soil or rocks and the flower or herb; the canvas wick; and the glass bubble planter. The net pot's opening allows roots to naturally prune.

    The wick is attached to the basket and floats down in the water, which should fill the glass vessel but not actually touch the net pot. Liquid and nutrients are slowly absorbed into the soil or rocks via the wet wicks. Plants that require excellent drainage, like orchids, succulents and cacti, may not be successful in a self-watering containers. This listing includes 4 containers: one green, one blue, one clear/white, and one red.

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    Color-Changing Hummingbirds Solar Powered Lights Mobile

    Way cooler than your average wind chime, these solar wind chimes illuminate their hanging hummingbirds at night. Each wind chime comes equipped with a solar cell, capable of converting solar energy into electricity. At night, the saved up energy is used to power a light inside, illuminating the surrounding area.

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  4. Hummingbird Feeder Replacement Spout, Set of 6

    Need to replace that Hummingbird Feeder Spout? Look no further. This Hummingbird Feeder Replacement Spout is the perfect solution to that old worn out one. There is no need to replace the entire feeder, just take off the old and put on the new. This item includes a replacement stopper, tube, and tip for select hummingbird feeders.

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4 Item(s)