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  1. Flamingo Metal Garden Stake Wind Spinner

    Prepare for your yard to be transformed into a stage that displays the mesmerizing movements of this flamingo staked wind spinner. It's impossible not to delight in the kinetic's vibrant splendor. The hot pink and bright orange design is brought into motion whenever the wind blows. The tropical bird is made of powder-coated metal with a weather- and rust-resistant finish to prevent fading. Light assembly is required.

    Once the stake is put together, installing your kinetic is easiest in moist soil or grass. If your soil is dry, pour 1 gallon of water onto the area and allow the liquid to soak in. Push the bottom prongs into the soil until they are completely covered. No tools are necessary. Wind direction varies on high and low pressure, so there is no optimal direction to place the kinetic.

  2. Flamingo Wall Mounted Metal Solar Wind Spinner

    Harness the power of Mother Nature and enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space with our flamingo wall-mounted solar wind spinner. The tropical design comes alive with each passing breeze, producing a mesmerizing visual show. Made of powder-coated metal, the piece is durable and will hold up against the elements.

    The spinner comes ready to be mounted on a patio, shed, or porch wall. Its embedded solar panel collects sun during the day to power the piece through the night. For best results, let the panel receive direct sunlight for around 8 hours to get a full charge. It requires 1 rechargeable AA battery, which is included.

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2 Item(s)