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Screech Owl House Wooden Nesting Box

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Give owls a cozy place to roost and raise babies with this screech owl house nesting box. It's ready to be mounted to a tree and put to good use! Owl shelters work well in urban areas, so no matter how big or small your property, you can give these winged friends a space to call their own. Crafted from pine wood, the habitat features a clean-out space and four drainage holes.

Mount the box so it is level and faces any direction except north. It needs to be at least 10 to 30 feet off the ground in a space with a clear flight path (this means no shrubbery or dense vegetation). Grab a handful of dry leaves or the like to place in the bottom of the house. The minimum spacing between two owl boxes is 1000 feet.


Dimensions: 9.75 x 9 x 15 inches
SKU 2BH580
Brand Evergreen Garden
Product Type Outdoor Decor Accessories
Theme Everyday
Other Information
  • Crafted from wood.
  • Features a clean-out section.
  • 4 drainage holes.
  • Approximate Measurements: 9.75 x 9 x 15 inches.

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