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Solar Lighting Designs

Solar Lighting Designs

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  1. Light-n-Motion Solar LED Prism Unit

    Designed for use with our Light-n-Motion lanterns, this solar LED prism unit will add a stunning illuminated element to your space. Crafted from plastic, the product emits white light. Includes 1 AA rechargeable battery.

    A convenient on and off switch includes a built-in timer that runs 6 hours on, 18 hours off. The solar prism soaks up sunlight during the day so it can illuminate at night. To become fully charged, allow the panel to receive at least 8 hours of direct sun.

  2. Square Hanging Solar Glass and Metal Lantern with LED Bulb

    Our outdoor lighting options allow you to keep the party going long after the sun sets. This square solar hanging lantern comes with an LED bulb and is ready to display with its attached chain and hook. The timeless piece is crafted from glass, metal and plastic.

    Its top embedded solar panel collects sun during the day to automatically power it through the night. A full charge lasts around 8 hours. For best results, allow the piece to receive 8 hours of direct sunlight. Includes 1 AA rechargeable battery.

  3. Santa and Reindeer Chasing White Light Solar Balancer Garden Stake

    Innovation in lighting brings illumination to life! Enjoy the beauty of our solar-powered balancers as light bounces back and forth from one festive icon to the other in a playful seesaw motion. The Santa and Reindeer design comes alive as light dances back and forth between the holiday icons. The balancer has a sensor that recognizes when the weight shifts, which triggers the light to move to the lower icon. When the solar unit is fully charged by direct sunlight, it remains illuminated for 6 to 8 hours.

    This versatile balancer can easily be displayed outdoors regardless of outlet locations, because its power comes from the sun. It's safe to use in most weather conditions, including the rain and snow. All balancer tops are securely mounted to a durable H-stake. The spirited double-sided icons are adorned with beautiful details and die-cut metal embellishments.

  4. Painted Butterflies Solar Motion Windsock

    Illuminate your garden and mesmerize friends and neighbors with this stunning Butterflies Solar Motion Windsock. Simply hang the windsock in any outdoor space that gets plenty of wind to bring the piece to life. At dusk, watch as the design turns on and changes colors!

    The piece requires 1 rechargeable AA battery, which is included. To use, turn the on/off switch to the on position before charging in the direct sunlight. To extend battery life, turn to the off position when not in use.

  5. Large Solar Fire Flame Light Blue Frosted Glass Torch

    This Solar Fire Flame Light Blue Frosted Glass Torch will make a stunning statement during the day and will set your garden apart when the sun goes down. The frosted glass gives the design an icy look while the warm glow from the solar lantern eminates brightly onto your garden, giving the illusion of a lit flame.

    The design's embedded solar panel collects sun during the day to power the piece through the night. For best results, let the panel receive direct sunlight for around 8 hours to get a full charge. Once lit, the design stays illuminated for approximately 6 to 8 hours. The multi-prong stake base inserts directly into grass or soil, no tools needed.

  6. Firefly™ Frosted Green Solar Lantern

    Illuminate your life with the Firefly™ solar lantern. Its versatility and beauty will enhance your home and garden and quickly become your favorite decorative tool. Eco-friendly and crafted from high-quality, durable silicone, this bell-shaped lantern casts a firefly-inspired glow and offers up to 8 hours of illumination. Choose between low, bright, super bright, and flash settings.

    Add mood lighting to an apartment or dorm room, create a festive ambience for year-round entertaining, or transform an event venue from mediocre to magical. The lantern's detachable snap handle provides easy hanging options, and the watertight twist top locks in place with a secure inner ring. Recharge using the included magnetic USB cable.

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    Dragonfly Solar Powered Lights Mobile

    Combined into one, our Dragonfly Solar Mobile Wind chime has all the elements to make your yard attractive. Hang this item high to display to all of your guests. This wind chime was designed with dragonflies that are beautiful during the day and when the sun goes down change color! Illuminate your yard with this unique item. Battery is included.

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    Special Price $23.99

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