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Hexagonal Busy Bee House

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Create a home in your garden for bumblebees and butterflies with this Hexagonal Busy Bee House. The bees with repay you by pollinating your fuits, vegetables, and flowers. The habitat provides cover and a perfect place for bees to reproduce. Securely place the house on the south side of buildings, trees, or fences.

Habitat creation for pollination purposes is a key theme in conservation gardening. There is a growing concern over the decline of the bee population because they play a key role in the pollination of the world's most important crops. This piece is designed to mimic the insect holes and woodpecker drillings that solitary native bees are naturally drawn to. This wood home design is our way of helping preserve habitats for these important creatures.

Once new bees hatch, clean out tubes to get ready for the next season’s offspring. It’s important to keep the bee house clean to prevent mites and other pests. Make sure all bees have been removed from the habitat before cleaning. Use a pipe cleaner or bottle brush to remove mud and debris from the tubes. Rinse the tubes with running water (do not use a jet sprayer). Once rinsed, let the habitat air dry.


Dimensions: 4.33"W x 7.28"H x 7.68"L
SKU 5BH160
Brand Evergreen Garden
Product Type Habitat Conservation
Other Information
  • Made of wood and bamboo.
  • Perfect habitat for solitary native bees that do not colonize.
  • Hang on the southside of a fence, building, or tree for best chances of inhabitation.
  • Clean tubes thoroughly once a year and check up routinely to maintain cleanliness.
  • Measures 4.33 x 7.28 x 7.68 inches.

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